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    At the Trailblazers meeting tonight we had a fantastic slide show where members shared photos of their trips from the last year. There were some great fish caught and I must say, I am now even more excited about joining this group!

    From time to time there would be a photo of a fish and someone would make a comments about whether or not the fish was “legal”. I took this to mean it may not have been stocked according to the trailblazers guidelines, like someone just dumped them in there? Could someone further explain this? Also, and maybe more importantly, I am wondering what this means for the angler who catches these fish. Is it suggested that if you catch fish that were not legally stocked that you should not throw them back in the water? Thanks for clarifying.

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    Jim Smith

    Illegal fish are generally ones that are put into the waters without authorization of the WDFW. You can check the state stocking records as to which species are supposed to be in the waters. If you catch something different, please do not return it, and report to the WDFW. Currently, there are several lakes which have illegal Brown trout, and there is a list of those lakes in our records, along with procedures for reporting them.

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    Good to know, thanks Jim

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