Washington Trail Blazers

Woods Lake, Skagit County

Cliff Lawson

September 25-26, 1959

2000 Goldens running 5200 to the pound were picked up Friday afternoon and then after meeting Ed Conroy in Kirkland and Martin Messing at Bothell, we went to the shelter on Buck Creek, arriving there about midnight. It was raining like mad and after a couple short hours of sleep, we were having a cold breakfast. That is, Ed and I were. Martin had brought a Prima stove so he had something hot to eat. By 4:30 a.m. we were hiking up Downey Creek by flashlight in the rain as this was the year with the rainy and cold September. After hiking about six or seven miles we stopped and had a second breakfast. This time we built a fire and had something hot to drink as it was still raining hard. We went on to the end of the trail where Ed started back, as his ankle was starting to bother him. Martin and I took off up the side of the mountain, dodging the brush and the cliffs, finally arriving at the lake early in the afternoon. It was half snow and half rain by now and the surrounding peaks were white with fresh snow. We didn’t have to temper the fish as the air, can, and lake were all the same temperature, 42 degrees. We didn’t stay around long as it was really socked in - had to really get moving to get back out before dark. We made it out a little before dark, dripping wet, as it had been raining all day...