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    Joshua Cowart

    Hey TB’s

    I am trying to earn my way into the Trail Blazers. Ill definately be patient and keep coming to the meetings but I wanted to let people know that I am available for weekend trips. If you need some help bushwacking and carrying some weight send me a messege.

    I have a high/low clearance jeep wrangler. I have high lake off trail experience.

    I have been to the Jordans, Fire, Boulder, Pear, Tolketie, Kawkawak, Crater, Cabinet and Cloud lake this year.


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    Joshua Cowart

    Dear Trailblazers!

    Just want to put this up to the top of the list again.

    I am available most weekends and mondays this spring/summer for stocking. So if you need a mule, who wont talk your ear off, who keeps up, who knows how to crawl through brush, and will pay for your gas or even drive you. Just PM me please.

    Im going to attach a picture of just what kind of sportsman you are getting with me. Notice me and the dog looking in awe of this fine specimen. I believe you all call them a slabber. 😕


    PS i wont bring the dog with me. Although she did chase off a sow that i stumbled on that trip. I was 15 yards away from her and her cub.

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    Dave Harwell

    Dear Josh,

    Thank you for your persistence and enthusiasm in pursuing Trail Blazer membership. Please keep it up! Right now, members are hunched over maps scouting the most obscure, steep and brushy routes to lakes in hopes of inviting you. I promise it will be a very interesting hiking season this year.

    It’s one thing to have your (impressive) level of skill, but to document it publicly shows a great deal of humility. You may need it after getting tagged with an unsavory nickname regarding your prowess.


    Dave Harwell
    Trail Blazer President

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    Joshua Cowart

    Here is another picture noting my famed fearlessness and prowess.

    -prince of pinners


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    Andy Schmidt

    As is the case with a closed door in a burning building, it is always best to approach cautiously and touch a warthog with the back of one’s hand.

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    I’ve heard that is even more important if one is a dentist by training.

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    Joshua Cowart

    Oh Yes!

    Ive got two successful stocking trips in. There is something magical about watching those little fish swim off into a wonderful lake. :jaws:

    Thank you to those special TB’s that have helped me take these first baby steps towards membership. Im so happy to be around so many like minded fisherpersons.

    Im still available weekends and mondays if anyone needs a mule! Id would love to get at least 2 more trips in at least this year.


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    Joshua Cowart

    I recently went to some amazing lakes on a long backcountry stocking trip. No fish in the big blue lakes.

    The fishing was amazing at one of the pots though. I was catching these all day long! I truly am the prince of pinners.


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    Joshua Cowart

    Here is another picture of my prowess.

    [flickr:3guebcud]cute tame bear at tokul creek hatchery[/flickr:3guebcud]

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    Dave Harwell

    How’s your hand healing, Josh? 😆

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    Joshua Cowart

    My hand is fine!

    Hey Dave,

    I caught one of your fish!


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    Dave Harwell

    After seeing pictures of you mingling with critters around the globe, then witnessing the bear ear scratch maneuver, I think you are truly a friend to all beasts. A new nickname is brewing; You know that Dr. who was a friend to all critters..

    I love that underwater camera action but cannot recognize the lake. Are you sure I participated in stocking this lake? Its name would have to start with a D, C, L, J,U or S.

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    Joshua Cowart

    starts with a j and is a lady’s name. I stocked her boyfriend d yesterday. And from there I think I could see the iceholes you took me too earlier this year!

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    Cliff Church

    Josh, what kind of underwater camera were you using? That’s a great video.


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    Joshua Cowart

    Im using the olympus stylus tough – 8000

    its waterproof up to 33 ft. and drop resistant to 6ft. There is no extra shell on the camera, it is just tough.


    here is another one from last monday


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    Joshua Cowart

    “friend to all beasts”


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