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    Has anyone else started bringing any of the new mini-sonar / fish finders up with them to map their favorite lakes ?

    I started bringing a “Deeper” sonar ball with me this year because I have always wondered about some of the lake I fish in and it has been pretty interesting. It will take a few visits to many of the lake to get enough passes to get a good map.

    Here is one of the maps I made, Blazer Lake up in Snoqualmie Pass

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    Brian Curtis

    That’s really cool. I’ve been thinking about doing this for some years, but haven’t done anything about it. The WDFW bio for King County back in the 80s and 90s went to all the lakes in his area and took soundings with a hand line attached to a weight. He did enough transects of the lakes that way to build contour maps. His map of Blazer had the final contour in the deep part at 55′ so yours at 59′ agrees nicely.

    You don’t happen to be the guy I ran into at Blazer back in 2014 are you? I would have been out in a boat.

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      I dont think we have met, although I have met a number of high-lakers and Trail Blazers out on the trails so who knows.

      My notes say I have visited the lake in 2007, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017

      On a side note not long after I got there this year a guy came out of the woods on the west end of the lake with loppers, said he had cut a new trail from the “pond” apparently down the ridge to the lake. He then lopped along the north side of the lake down to the camp site, where is is a path of sorts already. Not sure if he did not know a reasonable trail was already there or what.

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      Brian Curtis

      The guy I ran into said he goes in every year and that he’d never seen anybody there before. So it had to have been someone else.

      Some guy cut a new trail?? That is insane. It would be impossible to miss the existing one. Ugh.

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    Jim Bartelme

    I have been using one for two seasons-Fish Hunter Pro. Walmart has special on them right now for about $150, I paid more at Sportsman Warehouse. I have not been doing any mapping. I has been using to look for fish, depth, temperature, locating underwater structure and bottom depth changes. Can not say that it is helping catch fish, but fun to play with. Unit has short battery life, maybe 4 hours, so I carry solar panel and goal zero recharge battery to fill it up when not on the water. My app is on smart phone LG4 and it has good screen back lite so display is pretty good. Weight of fish finder package is 10 oz, solar panel is 16 oz and solar battery is 5 oz. So about 2 pounds for complete set up. Already carry phone for pictures, etc so did not include that as additional weight. I have not tried casting it from shore as is promoted on website. Seems way to heavy for my light rod, plus you need to dedicate separate pole to pull it back in after casting. Cheers, Jim

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    Daniel Doan

    I too just got a Deeper sonar. It’s great – fairly accurate, and easy to use. I’ve already used it on a few low-land lakes and am looking forward to bringing it up to some of my favorite hi-lakes to look for those hidden shelves and pockets that fish might be hiding in.


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    Very interesting in a few years I plan to start mapping some high lakes, but a big reason I want to is so in winter I can snowshoe in and ice fish having depths would be handy… Obviously with my goal I’m not going to go to deep in the woods, but I was looking at a Garmin 43 series with a mount for a float tube from for it then use the same unit for ice fishing.

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