Mt. Rainier NP Fish Management Plan

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    Jeff Norman

    The Park recently finalized its fish management plan. The overall focus is protection of ESA protected native fish (Bull Trout, Salmon and Steelhead) in its rivers and streams. This will entail removal of non-native fish especially Brookies from moving waters. Lakes will likely become open year-round, with no limits. There will likely be opportunities for citizen scientists to participate in data collection and fish removal. See attached, and also go to the park website for the news release.

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    Brian Curtis

    Thanks for posting this, Jeff. The plan is to remove fish from 10 of the 35 lakes that currently have naturally reproducing fish. They will use gillnets. If, after 5 years, the gillnets have not been effective they will use rotenone. Along with the fish plan in place in the North Cascades National Park this plan has the potential to help WDFW move plans forward to eliminated some stunted populations in their high lakes. So despite the loss of some fishing lakes I think this could be a very positive step, overall.

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