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        My brother in law and I are planning a fishing/hiking trip into the Olympics. We heard Buckhorn Lake was good, as well as Upper Lena and Scout Lake. Decades ago I fished the upper Duck and Dose and did well, but things change. Because I’m getting close to sixty and he isn’t far behind, we don’t know how many week-long hikes we will be going on, so we’d like to plan this well. We’d like to hit a couple of good spots and figure we are good for 30 miles of hiking. If you had a week to fish the Olympics, what lakes or streams would you hit? Thanks for your time and suggestions. 🙂

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        Brian Curtis

          In September I’ll be heading out with my dad on an 8 day trip. He’s 76 so you may still have quite a few years left.

          I have a tough time answering your actual question. You won’t go wrong no matter where you go, it is beautiful country. The lakes in the Park are not stocked, but they are worth visiting because they could have reproducing populations. The lakes on Forest Service land are stocked. I’m heading out the door for a day trip so I can’t give a longer answer right now. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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            76! That’s great. I guess I’d better change my expectations. Thanks for your response. Have a good trip.

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              Was up at Buckhorn lake a month or so ago. It has fish in it. Was able to see them very well from the shore. Not too many spots for lots of casting room.
              Spent maybe 30 min fishing, had some bites and could see the fish following my gear. This was at the far end of the lake. While we were up there, we saw a few other anglers give it a go, too.

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              John Motz

                A great day hike in the Olympics is Mt. Townsend hike. Gorgeous views from up there and at 78 I can still make it up there. From the top you will have a 360 deg. view . Also if the legs hold up Silver lake lies just down in the valley. Never cought a fish there but a pretty lake.

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