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        Since this forum is visited by people who frequent remote wilderness areas, I thought there might be some interesting stories out there. As for me I have never encountered anything I would call weird or unexplainable. How about you?

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        Brian Curtis

          I haven’t experienced anything unexplainable. Weird, maybe. One of the most amazing and strange things I’ve ever experienced were weird noises in the middle of the night in the Brooks Range in Alaska. It was a cold, clear night and the northern lights were undulating in the sky while this eerie noise was undulating all around. It was as if the northern lights were making noise. I suspect there was some other atmospheric phenomenon responsible, but I don’t know what it was.

          I haven’t been lucky enough to spot any signs of bigfoot or UFOs.

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            I’M RIGHT HERE!!!

            My nickname in college was Sasquatch.


            The strangest thing that I have ever heard was up in the basin past Lake Cuitin on French Ridge. There is a very small creek there which actually has small trout in it (before the Turquoise Lake basin). Anyway, camped on that tiny creek one night and listened to some kind of mechanical humming sound all night long. A long lonely ways from any highway and not sure where that sound was coming. Real spooky. UFO? Underground bunkers in the wilderness? hehehe. I don’t know, but it sure had me up most of the night. Probably just some atmospheric thang.


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            Ken McLeod

              “I once found a shreaded marmot a a lakes edge, this lake has hardly any visitors per decade. Any way I was so far in there and on a stocking mission that I was staying the night. During the night, the most God-awful sounds were heard, and no it wasn’t a cougar. I finally sat up and clapped my hands and yelled to spoke whatever it was so I could get some sleep.”

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              Cliff Church

                McPil – I was backpack hunting on Thompson Ridge (east of Twisp) a couple of years ago by myself, deer hunting, and I heard an absolute slaughter one night that I think was an owl killing a rabbit. Seems like it took forever for the owl to kill the rabbit. Of course, rabbits aound like babies screaming when they’re being killed so it creeped me out for several hours. Can your sounds have been something similar?

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                Cliff Church

                  Brian, can you be a little more specific about these noises? Were they “electric” or were they possibly something that could have been human or animal made?

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                  Brian Curtis

                    The noises I heard were definitely not animal made. More electric.

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                    Cliff Church

                      That’s really interesting, Brian. I recall watching a TV program a while back on the “Taos hum” that many people from the Taos, New Mexico area talk about. Here’s the page:

                      The Taos Hum
                      The Taos Hum is a faint, low-frequency humming noise heard in and near the town of Taos, New Mexico. Not only is the hum’s source a mystery, but its peculiar qualities are as well: only about 2 percent of Taos residents – about 1,400 people – can hear it. The low hum – between 30 and 80 Hz on the frequency scale – has been described by hearers as sounding like a diesel engine idling in the distance or having a slow beat-note sound. Some people perceive it as being louder indoors than outdoors. More mysterious still, some hearers who are bothered by the sound have tried earplugs and other acoustic quieting devices to block it out – to no effect. Investigations by scientists, including some from the prestigious Sandia National Laboratories, have failed to find a source or even a plausible explanation for the phenomenon. One theory is that the source is the U.S. Navy’s ELF (extra-low frequency) communications system that is used to communicate with its submarine fleet. The Navy, of course, accepts no such responsibility.

                      Taos isn’t the only town afflicted with an annoying hum.According to “The Taos Hum Homepage”, Nearly every state in the U.S. has at least one’hum hearer’ report, including Alaska and Hawaii. The largest number of reports come from the southwestern U.S., the Pacific Northwest, and southeastern states. Worldwide, the hum has caused such problems in the U.K. and Sweden that hum-hearer support groups have formed there. There are hum-hearer reports from Italy and from Mexico. The Bristol Hum is the most widely reported hum in the U.K.

                      A long list of hum reports from around the U.S. can be read here, and you can even add your own to the list.

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                        “I was up in the olympics at Hagen lakes and being a nice summer night I felt no need for a camp and simply rolled out my bed roll in the middle of the trail on the backside of the lower lake.^^^^ It was dark and I was reading my favorite historical novel ALASKA.I was laying on my back,in my sleeping bag,head propped up on my back pack and a pen light on my chest for light.Well I heard a noise of to the left.Of course I turn my head and am blinded after looking at this bright white page of my book.At this same instant I feel paws on my face and chest.Of course everything but my HEART froze,it proceeded to wake everything up within a half mile.I finally reacted with a yell and a exagerated strugle trying to get up.All I felt was a furry belly and the back paws making there way across my face and chest.By the time I got to a standing position this critter was over on the Skoke somewhere.All I could do was laugh!”

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                          I have a question for all the 'hearers'. Do you all hear the sound constantly? Has anyone heard this sound temporarily?

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                          Brian Curtis

                            “I'm not quite sure what you mean by constantly or temporarily. The noise I heard that appeared to be associated with the northern lights (but probably wasn't) was only on one night, and then only for the short time I was awake. It was really cold and I crawled back into my sleeping bag reasonably quickly so I can't really say how long it lasted but it was constant during the time I was awake.”

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                              hey Brian,
                              What I meant was that I heard that some people have heard this ‘hum’ for years, constantly. I heard something unexplainable similar to how this sound is described, but it only lasted one night. When I woke up the next day it was gone. This was just a few weeks ago.

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                              Brian Curtis

                                Interesting. Where are they living when they hear the hum?

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                                  I have hiked the Cascades for close to 50+ years and I can honestly say I’ve never encountered anything I consider unusual or out of place. People that know I backpack a lot have asked me my thoughts on Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I’ve been very skeptical but I do know a British Columbia hunting guide quite well that has had some experiences in central B.C. that makes me think that we don’t know everything the lurks out there in the woods.

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                                    …evening photo:



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                                      …evening photo:

                                      OK, here’s a read you’ll find VERY INTERESTING…

                                      Up Downey Mtn. we (my son Ken 18 and I) trudged with heavy
                                      backpacks for a 3-day into-the-wild adventure. Little did we know at
                                      the time that we were to experience something very unusual and simply
                                      unexplained…in terms of anything at least I had ever experienced.
                                      At any rate, we huffed and puffed up the steep mountain about 3,000
                                      feet in a span of around 1/12 miles, arriving at 4,800′ – near 3:00
                                      PM and decided to pitch our tent and camp for the night, then move on
                                      up the mountain and high camp at around 5,500′. We had noticed
                                      enroute little human activity previous, so we knew we had the
                                      mountain to ourselves.

                                      The day had been cloudy with fog rolling in and out of the forest,
                                      and the dew grew heavy upon the blueberry bushes — the berries were
                                      now ripe. As evening settled in we prepared dinner, eventually
                                      retiring for a much needed rest and sleep at around 8:00 PM. Sleep
                                      came fast for the both of us.

                                      1:30 AM – looked at the watch when suddenly awakened. “What the
                                      Hell is that,” I murmured and thought?

                                      Out of the dank-dark forest just as the moon burst through the
                                      clouds, came the most horrific loud clamor and ruckus I’ve ever heard
                                      in my 50 + years of life on this planet! The noise or clamor had went
                                      on for about 10 minutes, sounding like that of monkeys or apes at the
                                      zoo, “loud whooping and high pitch yelling.” You know, the ones that
                                      everybody comes to see when they start their whooping it up. It was
                                      deep, loud, yet high pitched and carried through the forest like
                                      being blown from a megaphone. At 2:30 AM, we heard two more whoops,
                                      then nothing more. Whatever had been making the hideous sounds, had
                                      large and powerful lungs. I figured it must have been 300 to 500
                                      yards away down the mountain, maybe closer?

                                      Was this the so-called mountain beast of the Pacific Northwest?
                                      What kind of creature would or could make those sounds? And here at
                                      4,800 feet, at 1:30 AM on a secluded bench, seldom visited, miles and
                                      thousands of feet from the nearest maintained trail of Downey Creek.
                                      Now, I have always been a skeptic that such a creature exists because
                                      I have never seen any REAL hard evidence of its existence (no
                                      skeletal remains or fossil record) despite the films and foot casts.
                                      A creature of that supposed size would need plenty food — what kind
                                      of food could sustain it, surely not Northwest flora, and what about
                                      the winter? Further, I have heard all kinds of wildlife and observed
                                      and hunted most all in the wild: “tons” of bears around my camps,
                                      wolves and coyotes barking & howling, cougars crying, elk bulging,
                                      deer snorting, hawks & eagles crying, weasels & mink chirping and
                                      even blood curdling screams, owls hooting and shrieking, and marmots
                                      whistling, loon and owl sounds, etc. And in all, I have always been a
                                      keen observer of nature…rarely does anything go unnoticed including
                                      sounds…even the intimate details of routes are usually logged
                                      within my being and brain. My life is being in the mountains and the

                                      So, what the Hell was it? All I know (as with my son) it was
                                      something very unusual, something I or he couldn’t explain as far as
                                      calculating what kind of creature could have been capable of making
                                      it. Surely, at this destination with nobody knowing we were here –
                                      would anyone be playing a joke upon us? Besides, nobody even knew
                                      where we were going to camp for the night. An Alien, a Haunting, a
                                      Sign, Mountain Spirits, or a Paranormal? Who the Hell knows? Being
                                      DEAD SERIOUS here: I have never heard anything like it in the
                                      mountains or forest previously! Did it spook us? Not really, but we
                                      were blasted from sleep and just sort of accepted it as something
                                      very strange. We talked about it for the next few days and came to no
                                      conculsion as to what we had both heard…..

                                      That day, in the high 70s maybe low 80s, we continued on up the
                                      mountain well in view of huge Glacier Peak (10,541′) to where we made
                                      our second camp – well in view of the surrounding mountains: Mt.
                                      Buckindy (7,436′) and its spectacular blue-hued glaciers and redish
                                      rock face, the greenness of Green Mountain (6,500′), a white Mt.
                                      Baker to the direct north, and we could even see parts of Snowking
                                      Mtn (7,433′).

                                      I climbed some of surrounding rim peaks to about 6,500′ where a
                                      spectacular vertical view was had and to Spire Point (8,264′) beyond.

                                      In the evening, the colors of the sunset enfolded Buckindy, Baker,
                                      and the surrounding mountains. Awesome to say the least! The night
                                      sleep in the heather where the tent was pitched was sound and very
                                      restful. And in our slumber, the night sky filled with brilliant
                                      stars afire. The sunrise near the same as the sunset…pink and purple.

                                      On the way out and below us, we were rewarded by the presence of
                                      hawk circling and riding the wind currents for updraft above of the
                                      forest. Ken remarked, “hawks are my favorite creature.” And I
                                      replied, “mine too.” We had come seeking the Alpine land and
                                      adventure in the wild, and we concluded we hadn’t been disappointed…..


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                                        So what mysteries remain out there in the woods? I’m stumped. Five years ago I would have never entertained the thought of such creatures existed. BTW, Norman did approach the C.O.’s (Canadian conservation officers) about his observation. They took him very seriously. He has a good reputation as a hunting guide for 30+ years.

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                                        bob pfeifer

                                          McPil –

                                          Wonderful photo to go along with your oft-repeated relating of your amazing experience. I formerly found it just interesting, but since meeting another avid hiker who had some TAPES of very, very unusual noises from our woods, I am now a believer. The only frustration I have is our apparent inability to bring in some definite remains from these creatures.

                                          OK, I have been hiking in these mountains for 30+ years, right? My day trip to Lake Ivanhoe this past Thursday proved that if you keep your mouth shut, you can still have some really, really cool wildlife encounters. I was tootling along the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail towards Dutch Miller Gap around noon when I crested a small knoll. Up ahead was a bear cub! No wait – IT WAS A WOLVERINE!!!!!! I am a biologist and trained observer, plus I have had a 400-level course in mammology. In any case, its pelage was unmistakable as it galloped up the trail for 4-5 seconds as soon as it saw me. My deepest regret was that I did not have my camera at the ready.

                                          I immediately logged this sighting into the WDFW database. Friends emailed me back, expressing good cheer and jealousy. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had this wonderful experience. It is just great to know that they are in this area. Their distribution map in my old mammalogy text (printed in 1960s) does not show them below the BC/WA border, except for some in the Sierras. Well, obviously they ARE in Washington! It was an experience I will treasure; it has been on my mind constantly since the event. Guess I’m just a silly, old inveterate tree-hugger.

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                                            WOW, that’s fantastic! I recall a big badger I saw in Eastern Wa. one day while upland bird hunting…he wasn’t the least bit afraid of me or my truck, my son saw him too. Another time on Pilchuck, I watched a Marten in a tree between Bear and Hemple Lake for a spell, only one I’ve ever seen. The wolves I’ve seen were up in Montana’s Yaak River country and a good-sized pack down in Yellowstone. Tho, I swear I saw wolf tracks (a lone one) up on Mallardy Ridge in the snow…see my Mt. Pilchuck Page on Another rare sighting, a possible grizzly on Ragged Ridge. According to Jan H. that sighting had real possibilities after he was surveying in that same area doing some research with a cronie a few years back.


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                                              AH, Ragged Ridge. Early on, I traveled a particular route that took me across Excelsior River just above the end of the clearcut. The first thing I discovered was a collapsed trapper’s cabin. The second thing I discovered was a large rock face with several “holes” at ground level between cracks and large boulders. On one trip, I had my 16-year-old son with me. We stopped just after crossing the creek, near the trapper’s old cabin. Was dusk (10:30-45), and could near a few birds and other “typical” forest noises. Suddenly, the space between us the the cliffs went quiet; not a sound. Shortly thereafter, the space to the west went quiet; shortly thereafter, the space between us and the river went quiet (I could hear the river, but nothing else); ditto for the area to the east. Son didn’t pick up all the quiet, and I didn’t tell him. But, believe me, I didn’t sleep very much that night.
                                              Next morning, we climbed up through cracks in a cliff (using huckleberry pitons). I can’t remember whether we saw any bear droppings on that trip, but on subsequent trips I found bear scat here and there over a lot of ground. I give myself a 99.44% probability no grizzlies were in the area, but I give myself 99.44% probability that bears were in the area. – Mossback

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                                                Interesting. Well, all I know is the bear Mark, Glen and I saw was as big as a grizzly and was rather cinnamon color. Jan H. told me some of the things they found up there around the same time didn’t resemble the work of black bears, dens and all. In fact, I think Jan has some convincing photo evidence…


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                                                  Here is the wolf story…



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                                                  Brian Curtis

                                                    McPil, do you still have the pics of the wolf tracks? Did they come out? That’s totally cool.

                                                    Oldtimer, when I was up on Ragged Ridge, by your favorite spot, we flushed out a black bear. So you can go all the way up to 100% sure about black bears being there.

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                                                      …Here is the grizz story

                                                      Aug. 23, 1992

                                                      “Hey look at that HUGE bear,” someone said.

                                                      We (Mark Boyle, Glen Lee, and I) had parked our vehicle in the early morning along the North Fork Skykomish River Road, and proceeded with our trek: wading the river and then climbing up the mountain side, gaining the ridge in the afternoon. “It was as steep as the back side of God’s head in places.” There, we found the blueberries were ripe and into our mouths they poured, not to mention we saved some to pack out for ice cream at our homes later. And the ridge was turning ablaze in gold-red colors of an early fall.

                                                      Upon gaining the ridge and entering a splendid meadow just below ridgeline, we spotted a “Huge” cinnamon-colored bear feeding at about 400 yards away. We watched him only for about 5-10 minutes, before he wandered off. We thought “Grizzly.” Needless to say, we gave the “big dashing bear” a wide birth.

                                                      Much later around 8:00 PM back at our vehicle, we concluded it had been another grand day (long but a good climb and trek up) especially with the bear sighting.

                                                      Later, within a few years, I had a discussion with friend Jan Henderson (Forest Service Ecological Scientist for the Northwest) who related he had photographed what he believed to be grizzly tracks and saw scat up there while doing research, plus found a bear den lined with beargrass – a trait that grizzlies have. Was this a cinnamon-colored black bear? I think not, nor did Jan.

                                                      Now, having seen the photographed (immense) tracks, I am convinced the great bear we had seen was indeed a grizzly. . .


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                                                        I have a photo somewhere, dark tho as I remember, it along with many other photos of my wanderings have never been uploaded – like about 10,000. I have tried to calculate the number of photos i’ve taken since first owning a Kodak Brownie around the age of 8…must be 25,000. But then I figure only about 1,000 are any good, and of that number only 500 are worth catching the eye. I’ll see what I can find…

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                                                          I have been living in washington for all of my life 51 years and I spend a lot of time in the woods,I had taken a trip up to the downey creek trail for a hike with a freind about 20 years ago we were driving up the road just past the buck creek camp ground there is a long staight away and as we went around the corner looking down the straight away we seen somthing walking upright with it’s arms down almost to it’s knees, the sight was short lived but I can stile see it in my mind,I have also seen alot of bears in the area and it was know where in comperison to what we had say, We had also went up to lost lake one year in early spring there was atleast 3 foot of snow on the trail we followed foot prints that know man could of made you could see every detail in the foot, My freind and I use to go hunting for dear in black diamond back in the 70’s I allways came back to the truck just befor dark and my freind would wait until dark when he came running down the road and junped over the 4 foot tall fence like it was nothing his eyes were as wide a two bit peice he told me what he had saw and he never went hunting again. there has been a lot of stories from people I know very well and the have no reason to lie to me..

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                                                          Larry Anderson

                                                            Okay, this is an old thread, but I will post anyway.

                                                            I have had a few different things happen that I cannot easily explain away.

                                                            One was at Little Cavanaugh Lake off of Hwy 2, FS Rd 62. April 19, 2003. We were sitting around the campfire on cots talking. About midnight something up on the mountain to the west started letting out these long low wailing noises. It was really loud, and these went on for about 20 minutes with a couple minute intervals in between them. My friend had an old Sony Tape recorder in his car and we recorded these vocalizations, along with something that came much closer to our camp, which sounded more like an angry chimpanzee. I still have the tape if anyone cares to hear it.

                                                            The second one was at Hawkins Lake in Sept of 2005. We were setting up our camp when small rocks started flying in from the north of us. This went on for about 15 minutes. They never hit us, but some came close. I grabbed my 20 gauge single shot shotgun (it was grouse season) and went up the hill towards where the rocks were coming from. They stopped and that was the end of that. I would like to note that there were no cars at the trailhead and no one else up there whatsoever.

                                                            The third was at Lake Ten in the summer of 1985. This story is too long to type. but we had an encounter similar to McPils above. I have never in all my adventures heard anything remotely close to this horrible screaming and howling.

                                                            Oh yes, one other thing. In June 2005 we were camping at Gee Point Lake. At about 10pm we heard something back in the woods picking something up and throwing it down over and over. It sounded like something about the size of a VW bug. We kept the fire going that night.

                                                            Willow Lake June 2004. 10:30pm. Something to the south of our camp up on the hill let out three extremely loud vocalizations. It almost sounded like someone yelling HEEEYYYYY…. but inaudible. The NCNP ranger at The Marblemount station informed us that a few folks have hiked out of there in the dark and would never go back. We have gone back every year since with only one small questionable event.

                                                            Now that I have told a few of the things I have encountered over the years I need to admit that I used to frequently go on trips with a good friend of mine by the name of John Andrews. He is an avid hiker, and also a very dedicated sasquatch investigator. John used to take me because of my hiking interest and knowledge of the NW corner of our state. I originally contacted John after my 1985 event at Lake Ten. I don’t go with him too much anymore due to the fact that some of the other folks that are now investigating reports with him are totally INSANE!! But John and I did have a few things happen, never any sightings.

                                                            This subject has interested me after my 1985 Lake Ten adventure.

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                                                            Sandy McKean

                                                              I can’t explain the sounds that folks hear in the woods, or other unusual events, but a very smart ex-Trail Blazer once made the following observation…..and ever since then I have NO doubt that these events are NOT the result of some strange creature.

                                                              His observation:

                                                              If a strange animal does exist in our woods as evidenced by strange sounds, rock throwing, or other “unexplainable” events, and even if it may be difficult to document a sighting of one of these creatures, how does one explain that NO ONE has ever found and had analyzed the scat of such a mythical creature?? Either the creatures don’t exist or they are very neat indeed since they must pick up their turds and store them away in inaccessable places.

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                                                              Hans Helm

                                                                Hey Sandy, you forgot about me, didn’t you? πŸ™‚

                                                                Say Larry, I’m the only one in the trail Blazers that has an ongoing interest in
                                                                the subject and I sure get kidded a lot.

                                                                I talked quite extensively to Ken McLeod about his and his son’s experience.
                                                                I actually talked to John Andrews once on the phone also. And he seemed
                                                                pleasant enough. Your right though, some people are pretty crazy when it
                                                                comes to the subject of Bigfoot. I have been interested in the subject
                                                                since I was 8 and have tried to educate myself in the ways that seem to make sense.
                                                                I would be interested in sharing information with you further if your interested.
                                                                My E-Mail address is

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                                                                Sandy McKean

                                                                  @Hans Helm wrote:

                                                                  Hey Sandy, you forgot about me, didn’t you? πŸ™‚

                                                                  I hope not! πŸ˜‰

                                                                  As far as I know even you, who has studied these “sightings” for years, have yet to find a Bigfoot turd and have it analyzed by a scientific lab. In fact, I’d be interested….how does an expert like you explain the fact that Bigfoot scat has never been found (and analyized to be authentic)? Where do all these turds go??

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                                                                  Hans Helm

                                                                    Yes, Sandy, I did have someone in the club take some scat to biologist at the
                                                                    University of Washington. Well, he said it was too old. I have since found out
                                                                    that in order to get a good DNA sample, you almost have to have a collection
                                                                    bag ready and gather the turds up while they are still steaming.

                                                                    People are always saying why don’t we see droppings, why don’t we see bones.
                                                                    Tell the truth Sandy, would you know what bones you were looking at without
                                                                    the skull or weather the turds came from a bear or bigfoot unless you saw one

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                                                                    Sandy McKean


                                                                      I don’t think “steaming turds” are a scientific requirement πŸ˜‰ . I know that scientists study scat found in caves and other locations of both animals and humans that are sometimes tens of thousands of years old. Apparently lots can still be learned from ancient scat beyond just DNA — especially when tools like the electron microscopes are used.

                                                                      You’re right of course, I could not tell old human scat, from an old wolf scat, or from an old Bigfoot scat, but surely the scientists can. I have no doubt whatsoever that a trained scientist could determine that a Bigfoot scat was not from any known animal that lives in our woods no matter how old it was (especially if various tests and tools were used in the lab).

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                                                                      Joshua Cowart

                                                                        I would expect bigfoot scat to look very much like bear scat. I would assume they would have a very similar diet. I also would expect there to be bear scat anywhere there were bigfoot, and probably in much higher abundance. Ive seen mountain gorrilla and chimpanzi in the wild and if they didnt want you to notice them you would never ever see them.

                                                                        Ive still never seen wolverine, bobcat, or mountain lion in person yet. I hope i never see anything close to a bigfoot.

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                                                                        Cliff Church

                                                                          Hans, I think the thing that I admire about you is that you don’t disbelieve. I feel the same way. I think there are things in this world that humans will never really know about and science won’t be able to explain.


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                                                                          Hans Helm

                                                                            Thank You Cliff. You are right. Here is my Indian philosophy on the natural world:

                                                                            The Circle

                                                                            Touch the Earth,

                                                                            for here is the source of all living things,

                                                                            and Wankan Tanka created a spirit to move within them.

                                                                            As we begin to recognize the spirit within us,

                                                                            we begin to be one with the earth and Wankan Tanka.

                                                                            Only this will complete the circle.


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                                                                            Martin Messing

                                                                              In the middle or late 1970’s my wife and I were driving back from Stirrup Lake on the Meadow creek road, just after it got dark. As we were driving along an animal crossed the road illuminated by the headlights. We both immediately recognized it as a Wolverine as it looked like one and was the right size.

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                                                                              John Motz

                                                                                I like to watch progams on TV about Monsterquest but really don’t see how a big foot could live out there and not leave more evidence. To sustain the population there would have to be a lot of them around and with all the hikers more people would have seen them. I still always carry a camera though in case.
                                                                                The navy ship I was on had a encounter with a UFO back in the 40s while down in the caribbean. A silvery disk was spoted hovering in the ski and it was alarming enough that they had gerneral quraters and prepared for action but what ever it was vanished from the ski.

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                                                                                Larry Anderson

                                                                                  On the subject of scat. yes, it has to be no more than 24 hours old. And there are really only a couple places to have it properly analyzed. From what I understand, these places easily get overwhelmed with poop in the mail.

                                                                                  The one that gets me is why bigfoot simply has not been photographed on a game cam yet? An expert from Northern California informed me that all the game cams send out a very high frequency signal that we cannot hear, but gorillas and chimps can. That may explain it. Our good friends at the North Cascade National Park have game cams all over the mountains. Maybe they will have to take them down, game cams are not native, and could destroy the natural ecosystem. However, I have spoke with more than one NCNP ranger that has directed John Andrews and I to exact spots on the maps where they have claimed to have bigfoot activity.

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                                                                                  Larry Anderson


                                                                                    A lot of these hair and turd samples do in fact come up unknown. We really have no 100% positive sasquatch poop or hair to compare it to, so unknown primate or unknown mammal is as close as we get. You might contact Jeff Meldrum for more info on this, or read his latest book “Sasquatch Legend Meets Science”. It’s a great, and down to earth read. The Hoopa Project is really impressive as well. There are plenty of lunatic fringe books also, but these two books are very good.

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                                                                                    Jim Mighell

                                                                                      One night sleeping after a successful day of fishing with my 10 yr old son at Stuart Lake (Chelan) We settled in for nice sleep under the stars (no tent); about 10 pm I found that I was having an attack of GOUT in my right toe (a very familiar feeling of pain); I reached for the flashlight, so I could look at it to decide how to treat it in morn – to my major surprise it wasn’t gout , but an adult porcupine who decided to try and eat my big toe through the sleeping bag – I yelled, and threw the flash-light at it , and it did run off; it was a bit difficult trying to get back to sleep, and took a couple hours till I decided he had left; I drifted off a, but just as dawn was sneaking in (still mostly dark) I felt blowing of warm aitr on my face sticking out of the bag; I very carefully opened one eye, and looked

                                                                                      directly into the face of a big cougar-I instantly thrashed all over in my bag, yelling at the same time, and it gave a shriek and tore off as I watched him (her) head for the hillside. Son Slept through the whole thing, like always.

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                                                                                      Mick Scott

                                                                                        @Jim Mighell wrote:

                                                                                        One night sleeping after a successful day of fishing with my 10 yr old son at Stuart Lake (Chelan) We settled in for nice sleep under the stars (no tent); about 10 pm I found that I was having an attack of GOUT in my right toe (a very familiar feeling of pain); I reached for the flashlight, so I could look at it to decide how to treat it in morn – to my major surprise it wasn’t gout , but an adult porcupine who decided to try and eat my big toe through the sleeping bag – I yelled, and threw the flash-light at it , and it did run off; it was a bit difficult trying to get back to sleep, and took a couple hours till I decided he had left; I drifted off a, but just as dawn was sneaking in (still mostly dark) I felt blowing of warm aitr on my face sticking out of the bag; I very carefully opened one eye, and looked

                                                                                        directly into the face of a big cougar-I instantly thrashed all over in my bag, yelling at the same time, and it gave a shriek and tore off as I watched him (her) head for the hillside. Son Slept through the whole thing, like always.

                                                                                        Sounds like quite a night out Jim!!! WOWZERS

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                                                                                        Bob Burnell


                                                                                          All I can figure is you must smell pretty tasty to attract that much attention. Good thing you woke when you did. That sounds like an evening I’d never forget.


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                                                                                          lake x

                                                                                            this is my first ost here and have several instances that i dont want to talk about but can refer some good books to read. where the water begins by the nisqually tribe and tribal bigfoot.
                                                                                            the story of cain and able in the bible is interesting because they talk about the nmark of the beast etc. wierd shirt these reads you will read a story and wont be able te read for awile because here is so much to absorb. these boks completely blew my mind.
                                                                                            any way i love he mountains and happy trails and happier off trails to all. ken, gold bar wash.
                                                                                            the day of the eclipse

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                                                                                            Mick Scott

                                                                                              There is an episode of Ancient Aliens on history channel (you can watch it on demand) about sasquatch being tied into the mother ship. Interesting show. Drink the kool-aid.

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                                                                                              lake x

                                                                                                tribble, i unfotunately have seen wih my own eyes, and evn had a seizure in o9 after hearing one yelling at me when in my tent at night (5200) elevation. and believe it or not there are 11 other encounters from 67 to 09. you may think im crazy but im not. they hve mastered the forests, it is their home. they probobly bury their dead like us, and their are numerous accounts of bigfoot stalking hunters and steeling theyr dear the hunter just kulled. and they are probably the best trackers in the world. thats my take. but i dont believe in aliens or gosts or nuthin, just this because i dont have a choice and im not alone on this.but i totally respect your feelings on this. ken

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                                                                                                  @Brian Curtis wrote:

                                                                                                  I haven’t experienced anything unexplainable. Weird, maybe. One of the most amazing and strange things I’ve ever experienced were weird noises in the middle of the night in the Brooks Range in Alaska. It was a cold, clear night and the northern lights were undulating in the sky while this eerie noise was undulating all around. It was as if the northern lights were making noise. I suspect there was some other atmospheric phenomenon responsible, but I don’t know what it was.

                                                                                                  I haven’t been lucky enough to spot any signs of bigfoot or UFOs.

                                                                                                  i seen big foot on tv

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