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      Tori Newburn

      I’m interested in making the infamous Curtis Raft this year! Is that program still a thing?

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      John Wheeler

      Me too.

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      Dave Weyrick

      The Curtis raft program was run by Mike Monsos who retired from that endeavor. Next Toni Carlstrom took over and the DIY raft project helped many get into a raft of reasonable weight. Toni has since moved. Ask her about the possibility of help and material for a raft. Google DIY pack raft to see how the DIY guy might be of help his raft. Perhaps the HLers still have raft building materials available.

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      Ryan Page

      That is a huge bummer

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      John Wheeler

      We should probably take this bit out of the Membership Benefits then:

      “Ultra Lightweight Raft
      After one year’s membership in good standing and submission of five surveys, members are eligible to take a class and build their own “Curtis raft” style raft that weights under 2.5 pounds with paddles and carrying bag, and fits in a pack.”

Viewing 4 reply threads
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