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        any ideas for a quick day trip from seattle for trout fishing this weekend?

        maybe about 1.5 hours drive or less from seattle. i’ll hike over 10 miles in a day if it’s a good one, but of course willing to hike less.


        and have a swell weekend.

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        Brian Curtis

          That leaves a lot of possibilities. You looking for on trail or off-trail destinations?

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            yeah, perhaps a lame, vague question.

            i’ve got a few ideas in mind. just lookin for some inspiration, i guess.

            on-trail would be the answer, though.

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              Alaska Lake is first one that comes to my mind. Has a trail, sort of. If you like a lot of company (especially this week end), then Snow Lake, continuing on to more scenery at Gem Lake, and and if you are so inclined, continuing on to a little less company at Upper or Lower Wildcat Lake. Gem has no fish; the rest do, but a Curtis raft would be VERY helpful. – mossback

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                hey, kept it easy this weekend because of the company i took– ended up going to heather lake early before everyone got there. it’s a pretty little lake. and the fishing, well, err, it’s a pretty little lake.

                part of the issue is i’ve now been to most of the mid-range hikes that i presume to have fish about 1.5 hours from seattle.

                so i’m left deciding if i want to make a day hike out of a longer trek like big heart lake, for example.

                alaska lake is a great tip, as it is not on the wdfw link ( ). same with those lakes beyond snow you mentioned.

                i may check out alaska before the year is out.


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