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      Bob Martin

        Many years ago (in the 50’s and 60’s) I made several hikes into Delta Lake. In those days there was a longer trail into Trout Lk. than there is now and beyond Trout all the way to Delta the route was an off trail scramble with only a few hard-to-follow blaze marks on trees. Since I haven’t been in there for many years now, I’m wondering if a trail has been constructed or if the route much the same?
        By the way, the fishing ( for RB !0″- 14″ if I recall) was very good then and even better in Otter. Of course the scenery was spectacular.

        Years later, I made a loop trip from Trout to Malachite, Copper, Little Heart, Big Heart, Angline, Chetwoot, Azure, Azurite, Otter, down to Delta and back to Trout. A wonderful trip – I highly recommend it.

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        Brian Curtis

          There is a way trail to Delta now. You still have to find it in the valley and it gets overgrown early in the year but by the end of the year it gets beat down pretty well and is easy to follow. All the fish I’ve seen and caught in there are a bit smaller but that is beautiful country. Early in the year the waterfalls all over the area are particularly spectacular.

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            Make sure you bring a pack raft along if you take that recommended trip.

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              Brian Curtis is “THE” Curtis raft. Lots of Hi Lake fishers own Curtis rafts. Hard to beat, weight-wise, sturdiness-wise, and practical-bag-wise (that is used to inflate the rafts). If you have never heard of them before, ask Brian to tell you about them. – mossback

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              Bob Martin

                I agree. A raft would be very helpful. Some of the lakes like Angeline, Big Heart, and Otter are hard to fish from the shoreline. Also, a raft would let you bypass some difficult hiking sections such as the brushy east side of Otter.

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