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        This coming Friday I am planning on hiking into lake Dorothy and possibly some of the other lakes, to see what the trail is like and do some fishing. I have been to Dorothy twice, once as an 8 year old and once in my 20’s. I haven’t been to any of the others.

        How is the fishing in these lakes? Does any one in particular stand out? I read on another site that Bear lake was stocked with Mackinaw back in the day, so I am anxious to fish it.

        Is it too early in the season for these lakes yet? I was talking with my friend about the “growing season” for trout. I am fairly new to fishing so this is all new to me. He was saying that in the winter the fish get fairly lethargic, don’t eat much, and many times fishing isn’t good until the water warms up. Is this consistent with alpine lakes? In other places I have read that alpine lake trout start biting the moment the lake thaws out because food is often in short supply.

        Finally, some of the reports I have read say that the trails between the upper lakes are “fishermen’s trails.” How difficult are they to follow? Or does this just suggest that they are likely to be more overgrown and not so nicely groomed? I have spent my whole life in the woods and am not really concerned with getting lost, but I want to know what to expect if possible.

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        Brian Curtis

          Your friend is correct that fishing generally picks up as lakes warm. There are some folks that swear that fishing is best during ice out, but that hasn’t been my experience.

          Dorothy should be good now. The upper lakes are probably still a bit cold and I’m guessing still have some snow around. But you don’t really know unless you go up and try :fishing:

          The trail to Bear, Deer, and Snoqualmie is a regular trail and easy to follow. Fisherman’s trails are user routes that sometimes arise because people tend to follow the same cross-country route. If you are following a path like that you need to have good cross-country route finding skills. Some lakes in the area like Pugsley have a fisherman’s trail. Some of the other lakes have no trails at all.

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            Good info Brian! Thanks, and I will let you know how it goes 🙂

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