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      Hi, I am looking at going fishing in the higher lakes in the King County area in Washington. I am looking for recommendations on where to go. Also recommendations on fishing in such areas. I have been fishing in several larger lakes and as the season is changing I want to change my fishing experience. Like the idea of away from it all. Any takers to share with me?

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      John Corallo

      If you truly want to get away from it all venture out to Rainbow Lake up in Whatcom County a bit NW of Baker Lake for some Rainbow trout. Lots of bushwhacking and solid navigational skills are required.

      Buyer beware.

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      Brian Curtis

      Yeah, if you want to find someplace lonely, Rainbow Lake will fit the bill. 😯

      But if you are looking for something a bit easier I’d start with WDFW’s high lakes website. There is a ton of great information about high lake fishing there.

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