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      Happy to find this site! In looking it over though, I found some incorrect info regarding the dedication of the Necklace Valley cabin in honor of Jack Streeter. Not sure who to contact regarding this issue. I was there, and remember it very well. Any suggestions?
      Thanks, Clare Carlson Jr.
      (One of tne original members)

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      Brian Curtis

      HI Clare, it is fantastic to hear from you! You can post any corrections here. And I will send you an email so we can set up direct contact.

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      Mick Scott

      Hi Clare – My name is Mick Scott. I am a current member of the Trail Blazers. A few years ago I spent some time researching the Necklace Valley cabin and the mountain cabin memorial association created by Ome Diaber in hopes of getting historical status and protection for the structure. The structure is still in amazing shape for its age. We were also hoping to do some light repairs on te structure to extend its life for others to enjoy. Unfortunately this project fell on deaf ears when I brought it to the attention of the forest service and Skykomish ranger district. I’m very curious about what you have to add to the story.
      I hope you share more with us!!

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