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        is asking for a decent place to go okay here?
        if not please correct me.

        for the last few years i’ve been swearing up and down “there’s no way i can fish in washington, it’s just not the same”, you see i’m from alaska… and all i’ve seen here just does not compare as far as remoteness and fun.

        don’t get me wrong, I’ve done the salmon runs on the russian river (shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye can see). But i’m beginning to really miss hiking in somewhere and casting a line.

        So, for memorial day weekend i’m planing what is more of a weak trip than anything else, but might be enough to settle me down some. Going up around in chuckanut searching for a fish to catch.

        Does anyone here have any better sugestions?
        what i’m looking for is a nice small lake, 4-5 mile hike in, the fewer people around the better, in whatcom county. just a nice place i can take the fiancee, crack a beer and enjoy being ‘out there’. Catching some fish would be nice too, but that less important.

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        Brian Curtis

          Any questions are welcome here. You just have to put up with answers that might be rotten. 😀

          I’ve spent a lot of time hiking and fishing in Alaska and I sure know why you miss it. But you can find solitude and incredible scenery down here if you work a bit for it.

          Memorial Day is about a month early for most high lakes in Whatcom County and most of the hike to lakes are high lakes. There’ll be a ton of great places to go once we start getting into July, but I can’t think of too many this early. Hopefully someone will come up with a few good ideas for you.

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            well, i hit pine lake with the fiancee (that’s still a weird word to say). quite a few nice fish jumping all over the place, no room to cast, and nothing wanted what i could cast out on the lake.

            i also felt kinda bad for this spider.
            (looked like his luck was worse off than mine)

            poor spider stuck on the tree

            tree out in the lake

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              now that we are nearing july… any good idea’s, i’ve galena chaine lakes(or whatever it was, bet i butchered it) was decent… although i’ve seen that written about enough i’m doubting it’s got the solitude i’d really like.

              got myself all kinds of vacation time saved up, gotta make some good use of it (unlike 2 weeks of video games like last time).

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              Brian Curtis

                The main Galena Chain Lakes do get a ton of traffic, but you’ll be able to catch fish up there. Because I don’t want to send any extra traffic to obscure lakes the only ones I’d recommend on the web would be spots that already receive lots of traffic like the Anderson and Watson Lakes. Your best bet is to get some topo software or go to topozone and start scrolling around. No matter what lake you choose you’re going to have a great trip.

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                  have you seen this web page?


                  at the bottom is this:


                  which lists a large number of lakes in the region to hike into and fish.

                  i just pick lakes off of there, coordinate with a delorme atlas and hiking book, and go to it.

                  my understanding is that the .pdf shows only about 1/3 of the high lakes with trout (that are likely to stand the pressure of heavy fishing), so you can also search around for info (as you are) or try to get lucky at any other lake.

                  good luck!

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                    thanks, i’m probably going to do some searching, need to keep the hike short if i have the girl…and short hikes arn’t worth long drives. (out of bellingham), i’m begining to realise i might be stuck with places in chuckanut this summer.

                    probably going to try to plan something up in the baker lake are if i can find myself someone to join me in that fun (3+ days, yeah).

                    i don’t want to make her come out for that much of a trip just yet… she’s still getting used to this, and just like 4 wheelin, never do anything alone.

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