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        At Barclay Lake, when will the trout in the inlet stream. I know that they congregate around it but when do they actually go into the streams and spawn.

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        Brian Curtis

          I depends on when the ice comes off and how quickly the lake warms up. In higher lakes I’ve seen trout on their redds in mid to late July. But Barclay opens up sooner, I’m just guessing here, but I’d say they’ll be in the stream to spawn in late May or early June.

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            Thank you for the inforamtion

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              When trout are spawning is it a good time to fish for them?

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                I don’t remember ever catching a spawner in a mountain lake. I have seen redds in lake itself, but most spawners I have seen in mountain lakes have been in inlets. In British Columbia (all lake fishing, even with inlets, no river fishing), I’ve caught a lot of spawners. However, the rate probably is 10-15% spawners and 85-90% non-spawners. This was in June, in nonmountain lakes (but “lowland” lakes can be 3,000 ft, remember). My experience is that if you ever eat a spawner, you won’t eat another one. They may taste different, however, in mountain lakes. – mossback

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