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        New to the Trail Blazers board, but wanted to report a lost rod segment up at Rainy Lake, off the MF Snoqualmie, this past weekend. It happened on the way out (thankfully) and is probably in the first half mile down. Perhaps, in the thick blueberry run by the lake. It’s the base of a four piece Rainshadow 4-5 wt. Rod color is blue.

        It’s not the end of the world, I guess I just need to build another fly rod.

        Also, being new, I’d be interested learning more about volunteer opportunities.


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        Rich OConnell

          How was the fishing at Rainy ?

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            Fishing was good, but we didn’t hit it very hard…the hike up took it’s toll on me 😳 . We got up there around dusk on Saturday night and managed a few casts, me with a mosquito-type dry fly and my buddy with a small spinner. I ended up getting a nice 10-11″ fat cutthroat that ended up in the pan right at dark. The next morning I caught another on the fly and my buddy got a couple on the spinner. We ended up keeping two for the trip and releasing the others. It seemed the spinners worked better during the late morning when maybe the fish were holding a little deeper. I was actually surprised they were hitting during that time. Still, the fly worked once you found a few surface feeders too. Had we done laps around the lake I know we could’ve got a few more. Overall, beautiful lake and fish.

            We also saw the TB plaque on the boulder by the campsite. I forget the fellow’s name, but I appreciate his and the TB’s effort.

            Now we’re thinking of a few other trips, maybe off Highway 2. 😀

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            Rich OConnell

              Good on ya. Thanks for the report.

              We’ll keep an eye out for your rod section.


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              Dave Weyrick

                Come give a trip report at either a tb or hl meeting. Would be fun to meet you.

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                Jim Smith

                  I think the plaque was for George Lewis. I don’t remember the year, but Jamie, Bob Mathews, Virg Harder, myself and 2 or 3 others were on that trip.

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