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      I am taking my daughter to Grand Valley for a 3 day fishing/hiling trip. I have not fished high lakes since I was a teen, and used bait back then. What would you suggest as far as lures or spinners. My understanding is that the lakes are full of small brook trout.

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      Brian Curtis

      The brookies aren’t likely to be too picky. You’ll need something that can cast well so don’t go too light. I recommend spoons 3/16 oz for lakes like those. They are small, but cast well at that weight. For lures at that weight I’d go with Kamlooper Jr or Daredevil spoons. Red/white or some combination of orange, red, and/or black on brass would be my recommendation. It wouldn’t hurt to throw a 1/4 oz spoon in just in case the fish are deep and you need to let it sink (as is often the case with brookies) but in a lake where they are stunted pretty much anything is likely to work.

      Use 4-lb test mono for line and you should be good to go.

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      Thank you for your speedy and informative reply. I will follow your advice and report back on the results!

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