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      Brian Curtis

      The EIS process for the paving of the MidFork road to the Taylor River is underway. They are accepting public comments and the next public meeting will be June 2. Details can be found here:^^http://www.wfl.fhwa.dot.gov/projects/mfsnoqualmie/

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      David Holmes

      Did they just start this (note this reply is 7 years later)?

      I saw something about middlefork paving in the snoqualmie valley record today

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      Sandy McKean

      (note this reply is 7 years later)

      These days such sweeping recreational/environmental planning, much less implementation, takes huge amounts of time. The MidFork project has been underway for at least 7 years. Pubic meetings, Environmental Impact Statements, funding, court action by those who object, it goes on and on. Frankly, I’m surprised that something as major as road paving got started at all! If the paving will actually happen this year, then I’m very pleased. (I don’t mean that I necessary approve of the paving, although from what I know today I do approve, but I think it is important to actually implement the plans that so many have contributed to, and where so many competing interests have been resolved though perhaps not to everyone’s satisfaction. At some point action may be taken.)

      P.S. I’m sure there is tons of detail on the MidFork plan available via a simple Google search.

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