mild-winter effects on high mtn lakes?

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        Anyone have any experience fishing a mtn. lake after a mild-winter compared to a normal winter? I know access can be gained earlier. But what are the effects of a mild-winter on trout? The way this years shaping up in SW WA access to the high lakes is going to come very early!

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        Brian Curtis

          The earlier a lake opens up the longer the growing season. I don’t know of any studies that have evaluated how much difference early or late seasons make in fish growth. Other then that I don’t know of any effect an early season would have. Early years certainly allow for more fishing opportunities 😀 Two years ago the snow pack was like this at this time of year but the spring was so cold and wet that the snowmelt wasn’t all that early.

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            “Looks like the same this year. After an unseasonably warm winter, we have snow on the ground in Ellensburg again today. Getting very soggy over here. Last year, March was a pretty cold and soggy month too. Seems to be a pattern now. Warm winter followed by a cold wet spring.”

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