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      Brian Curtis

      Here’s what every hiker needs, a laser that shoots down mosquitos.

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      Sandy McKean

      Kind of gruesome really.

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      Bob Burnell

      I like it! Freakin mosquitoes…

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      Tom Bentzen

      Ya, but you’d need to many lasers during the bug season. :mrgreen:

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      bob pfeifer

      Sandy wrote: Kind of gruesome really.

      So is jamming a stovepipe of mouth parts into your private parts skin layer after first cutting a hole with the same mouth parts, then siphoning off your blood. All the time leaving a good dose of skeet saliva to fire up your allergic reactions, and maybe leave a few choice viruses or spirochetes or other miserable things behind.

      I usually allow the damned things to land and maybe start to cut in before I SMASH the miserable SOBs into skeet Hell. They ruined my time at Grouse Lake the other day.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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