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        Anybody care to venture a guess?
        Caught near Wenatchee.

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          I’ll venture a guess that someone bought it at a fish store, kept it in a fish bowl for awhile, then decided to dump it–didn’t want to kill it. That’s the way oddball fish wind up in a a lake, like the “walking” catfish started on east coast, like the Walleye that wound up the Columbia River years ago, like bass that have wound up in lowland lakes that used to have only trout, etc.

          Ignorance can ruin a lake. A number of years ago, someone once sent a letter to a district biologist asking if it would be alright to transfer some fish from one lake to another. Fortunately, he asked. To have done so would have ruined the lake. – Mossback

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          Brian Curtis

            Some idiot put goldfish into Forest Lake in Pierce County and they are going to town in there.

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