Nugget Lakes

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      Its the water

      Hi! Anybody been to Nugget Lakes near Snowy Lakes and Golden Horn off the P.C.T. near Methow Pass? Are there fish? They look difficult to get to and there is no designated trail. I’ve been taking old buddies backpacking once a year for fifteen years now. We have had some wonderful success fishing all over the state at high mountain lakes. I’m trying to incorporate high alpine scenery and am not making the fishing the top priority(some of the guys don’t fish) this year. I’m pretty sure Snowy Lakes has no fish at it is very shallow.

      Since I’m on this great site, I’d love to hear stories about some Pasayten Wilderness lakes if anybody has some experiences there. On our wish list someday is:

      Four Point Lake
      Buckskin and Silver lake
      Corral and Fawn
      Ferguson and Fred lakes

      Thanks so much for any feedback. Don’t hesitate to ask where we have gone in the past and caught some biggies. 😀

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      Brian Curtis

      I’ve been there. It is a beautiful spot and they are not often visited. It is a place you will want to tread lightly. You are correct about the Snowy Lakes being shallow and fishless. Lots of people visit the Snowys. With good reason, they are gorgeous.

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      Been to Remmal, Cathedral Lakes, and Four point lake and that area. Great place, lots of fish, but small.


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