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      ” Last September while fishing the Foss Lakes one of my partners brought to lunch a particularly fat rainbow of about 15 inches. To our surprise/gross-out, we found a hatchling bird about 2.5 in. long and a little bigger around as my thumb. This is a first for us. Said bird was seen floating dead the day before. This is gluttony I expect out of a columbia basin trout or bass.^^ This forum appears to have an eon of mountain fishing experience. I’m wondering if others have discovered oddball critters or objects that high lake trout have consumed? I’m not looking for a new fly pattern, more fascinated by mountain trout behaviour. ^^ – Dave Harwell “

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      Brian Curtis

      “I’ve seen birds, mice, salamander, and unidentified backbones in high lake fish stomaches. I was at a lake in Wyoming when I spotted an approximately 13 brookie trying to eat a mouse. It would take the mouse and dive down but it was having trouble swallowing it so it would spit it out and the mouse would float up whereupon the fish would come get it again. I watched this for several minutes before moving down the lake. “””

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      “On September 16, 1999 I was fishing an alpine lake in the Glacier Peak Wilderness.^^When I caught a sizable cutthroat with a black meadow vole (I think?) in its stomach I was really suprised. Opportunistic feeder this one was.^^^^MQ^^”

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      Cliff Church

      “Caught a rockfish in Puget Sound just north of Carkeek Park as a kid – it had a condom in it. I kid you not. I suppose that qualifies as oddball”” stomach contents. “””

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      Sandy McKean

      “I suppose that qualifies as “”oddball”” stomach contents.””^^^^LOL!!!”””

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      Jonathan Leathers

      “ever seen the t-shirt the happy fisherman”” perhaps the happy fisherman is practicing safe sex now?”””

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      Jonathan Leathers

      not sure if this picture will post but here is one that Sandy caught a few years back and this mouse was inside a very nice fish.

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