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        Anybody ever see an otter way up high at a lake? I saw one at Jug Lake a few years back.I could’nt believe there was an otter all the way up there. The fishing was great that trip, but fell off the next couple years. Anyone else experienced any thing like this?

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        Brian Curtis

          I’ve seem ’em.

          I live on Hood Canal and we see there here all the time. It amazes me that their habitat can extend all the way from sea level to high in the mountains. I haven’t seen them in high lakes enough, however, to correlate good or bad fishing to their presence.

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          Dave Weyrick

            There was a river otter in Grand Lake (ONP) in Fall 2005. The Brook Trout seemed larger than they seemed in years past.

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            Larry Anderson

              I saw an otter at Gee Point Lake a couple years ago. There were only a few fish left, but the lake was due for a plant anyway. The otter probably came right up Gee Creek. I have noticed a lot more beaver and otter activity since that steel jaw leg hold trap vote passed a few years ago.

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              Dave Harwell

                There are at least a couple in Square Lake. They are welcome to eat all the overpopulated fish they can out of this lake.

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