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      Steve Brown

      I’m curious what methods are being used to pack fish out without the meat spoiling

      When I’m about 2 hours from the car or campsite I really don’t know how to get the fish out, so I just throw them back … but I would like to eat somee.

      Possible ideas I’ve had :
      – ice
      – dry ice
      – instant cold packs

      I’ve had good success smuggling ice cream into WA from the Lochmead dairy 5 hours south in Oregon using a brown grocery bag and dry ice, but I’ve never tried packing dry ice in a day pack.

      Just curious what others are doing ?

      – Steve

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      Brian Curtis

      I pretty much only pack fish out if there is snow available. That worked for us a couple weeks ago. Of course snow can be hard to come by in some places. I’ve had fish do fine with no extra cooling if it is not a hot day and they are wrapped in as many clothes or other insulation as possible. Old school Thermarests used to be perfect for that. Freezing a disposable water bottle full of water would be a good source of ice, but I don’t now how long it would last on a hot day.

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      Spencer Meline

      If I’m planning on bringing back fish I just pack a trash bag toss the fish in the bag then wrap it in my puffy and place it the the center of my pack. Haven’t had any issues with spoilage.

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      Jeff Mix

      I like packing them out in my belly after I tempered them over some coals with a little Johnny’s and olive oil.

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