Permit needed for Duffey and or Airplane?

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      I have been itching to explore this area and am going to scratch it soon. I have been trying to research what land is private versus public and cannot figure it out nor which permits I need to explore this area (Longview/Cambell vs Weyerhauser vs “leased land” by snoqualmie forest?).

      For Duffy and Airplane it looks like a nice mountain bike ride up from the gate at Mann road and does not seem to enter private property. What overlays I can find denote “leased land” which I am inferring is to the Snoqualmie Forest. The recreation map shows it is outside of the permited area….so do I need a permit to explore here?

      Any advice or direction would be appreciated

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      Brian Curtis

      Airplane Lake is on Sierra Pacific land. Sierra Pacific does allow recreation on their lands without a permit. The Duffey Lakes are on Forest Service land. If you can approach via Sierra Pacific land then access won’t be a problem. Coming in from the Proctor Creek Road on the other side is a bit trickier. Weyerhaeuser does require a permit and that road is gated by highway 2. There is a catch. The FS has a right of way on that road so as long as you don’t get off the road you can travel it with a bicycle. Once on FS land you can go wherever you want.

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