Reopen Corral Pass

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      Chris Wittenfeld

      There is some debate whether Corral Pass will open this year.
      I have a signature petition to fill out and the address information to send it too. Hopefully this will encourage them to reopen Corral Pass. If interested contact me and I will send a blank petition form and addresses to you. The sooner the better. Thanks

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      Rich OConnell

      Chris – what’s the issue with opening/not re-opening ? Do you have any links ?


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      Chris Wittenfeld

      The road has been closed since the Norse Peak fire in 2017 for recover and repairing facilities, which should be finished this spring. The Forest Service has been reluctant to open the area up and I question whether they will do so this year. I have heard maybe, yes and no. I have walked many trails in the burned over area and the recovery is amazing, flowers and animals have returned, very educational. Corral Pass is access to many good scenic hikes and lakes. I am just trying to encourage them to reopen the area. Another issue is some minor road damage and Indian arrow heads and possible campsites. I do not have any links for more information or confirmation.

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