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      Hey I have been checking out the forums for quiet a while now, I live in Granite Falls and love fishing up the Mt.Loop in particular. Does anybody (Brian) know of any self sustaining lakes that aren’t over populated? Knowledge is power so I’m always open to new lakes and good holes. Share it if you got it :caught: I am also going on a Golden hunt this summer and am gonna try to do some early fishing this year. What’s a lake I could jump in my car and fish any day of the year? Anybody interested in buddying up? Thanks again


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      I really want to fish before opening day so if anybody could help provide me with a year round lake that’s fishable right now then that would be awesome :fishing:
      Thanks again

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      Sandy McKean

      Lakes with self-sustaining populations that aren’t stunned are rare. You could make it your life’s work to find very many of those lakes. Just stick to lakes that get periodically stocked (and therefore don’t stunt).

      Get the fishing regs pamphlet from WDFW. These days ALL lakes are open all year long UNLESS specifically closed in the pamphlet.

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      What i have found is the same with stunting of fish. Lots of fish and small one too. And to find those lake you will have to wait till July

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