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        I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the results of that experiment WDFW (I believe it was them) was doing stocking tiger muskie into an alpine lake with a stunted brook trout population?

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        Brian Curtis

          Not much news yet. Last year was the first year. Still lots of brookies in the lake. No tiger muskie were sampled, but that isn’t unexpected. They’ll be going in to sample again in June.

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          bob pfeifer

            The study team will make several trips to the study lakes in 2007. We have already made an initial trip to assure access (it was surprisingly easy), and sampled the two study lakes using hook and line. We are 99% sure we saw some tigers in one of the lakes, but they have not had an obvious beneficial effect yet. Stay tuned.

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            Mark Harris

              Any new information on this since June?

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