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      HAHAHA I was just kidding. I know every guards it with their life. Anyway i am the new guy just saying hi.

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      Brian Curtis

      There are no secrets here. The best secret spot around is Lockjaw Lake. Any Trail Blazer will be happy to tell you that.:D

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      “That’s just off of No tellum ridge””.”””

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      “That’s just off of No tellum ridge””.^^^^Which is on the way to “”No SeeEm Lake””. “””

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      YES! that’s the one! Up in the headwaters of Lost Lake Creek. ^^^^^^-Ken

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      Is that amidst the Forgotten Forest?

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      bob pfeifer

      Brian –

      I thought your dad’s spelling and format was funnier: Loch Jaw.

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      Brian Curtis

      Loch Jah is a special place. Someone spilled the beans on that one and leaked the location. It sits at Township 40N Range 16E Section 31L/K. This is one typical survey:

      08/15/1986 (Friday), Jock Highfish 2 CT (18.5″-23″ avg 21″) 1 BT (28.7″-28.7″ avg 28.7″) 3 RB (19″-25″ avg 20″) Excellent fishing, few fish rising, few fish cruising. Fish condition: fat, fry observed. No fish was under 2 lbs. They all had a smile on their face. Successful lures: dry flies, spoons, The hottest was a #6 red wing dead eye. Stomach contents: shrimp, snails, The largest had gold crown in its stomach. Time: 2 days at lake, 4 hours fishing. 1 angler in party, 1 non-angler. Lake Condition: clear. Deep lake with an excellent spawning stream. Stable water level and lots of grass for feed. Camp use light, 1 campsites. Weather: clear, warm, 72°. Comments: After all these years I finally found it. The 3 day, grueling, cross-country hike, which required ropes and pitons was well worth it. The flat grassy campsite with a crystal clear, 5 ft deep, hot spring made me want to stay forever.

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      bob pfeifer

      That’s hilarious Brian!!

      Let’s see – no Section 31 in Township 40N Rge 16E; Joker Mountain; Three Fools Creek….

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      lake x

      mine is lake x, you cant miss it,its by , that one with the rocks and stuff.

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