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      Just wondering if anyone is going Turkey Hunting this spring.

      Any guidance on where to go or who can guide would be great. I’m an upland bird hunter who needs to get some turkey hunting done before my 2 boys are hunting age.

      Is it worth hitting Teanaway?

      – Thomas

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      Cliff Church

      Jim, I sure and sorry I didn’t see this message earlier. I’m an upland hunter also, and I did my first turkey hunt in April north of Kettle Falls. I didn’t get any shots but I was somewhat successful calling them in. I never imagined turkey hunting could be so much fun. I know a guy (non-hunter) who saw several turkeys in the Teaneway area just a few weeks ago. Did you make it out hunting?

      Wonder if my setter can point a turkey?


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      Mick Scott

      Not sure about the season. I’ve seen lots of turkeys on the teanaway over the last 10 years. In fact I see them almost every time I drive up the road.
      Unfortunately they are always in someones yard or too close to houses barns livestock etc to hunt.

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