Which spinners twirl at the slowest rates?

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      For years, I have used mepps spinners largely because I can get them to spin at relatively slow retrieve lakes. I use spinners primarily for brook trout and it seems to me the slower the better. And so I thought I would ask to see if anyone has done in sampling with spinner retreival rates? I have tested mepps against rooster tails and found the mepps superior in this regard. But wondering about the others that produce a good flash at slow retrieval rates.


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      Rich OConnell

      Try this book:

      It will change your views of spinner fishing forever and soon you will be making your own spinnners. And yes, slower is better for retrieval as long as you keep the blade spinning.

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      Brian Curtis

      I think we should extend this great question to spoons. What spoons give the best action with the slowest retrieve? Kamloopers and Daredevils are good candidates. The interesting wildcard is the Spin-A-Lure. It has very little action but it draws strikes. I seems to be because of very erratic and seemingly random movements.

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      I have always used spinners and never spoons. I wouldn’t mind hearing what spoons are good. I am always willing to try new ways to catch fish. What colors do you guys use. I tend to use maroon, red, and yellow.


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      I know this is an old post but I couldn’t help myself to reply. Mepps are great and kamlooper and daredevils work, but for me dick nite spoons in the “wee” size are great. 50/50s and nickel backs are preferred. Plus they work better for me when retrieved slow.

      I have hooked monsters on dick nite spoons. My tackle box has about 30 of them and they catch
      Salmon in the river in the off season too 😀

      Anybody else have a spoon/spinner favorite that has a great slow retrieve??

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      Brian Curtis

      I love posts like this because they are so completely opposite of what I would answer.

      What is the weight on those wee Dick Nites?

      I far prefer gold or brass. I like Daredevil or Kamlooper spoons in the 3/16 oz weight. They cast extremely well and have good action with a slow retrieve.

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      Larry Anderson

      I used to have really good luck with a Rooster Tail for slow blade twirl. I have noticed over that last few years that the Rooster Tails don’t spin as well as they used to. I often get new Rooster Tails right out of the package that don’t even work properly. I have one from the 1980’s I found in my dad’s tackle box. I’m saving it for a special occasion.

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