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      Jim Mighell

      Since Ginnette and Hell Lakes will be planted again this coming summer, I am curious why so few or “any” fish seem to show up in those lakes – it seems there was a 14″ fish caught there years ago, and the comment was made that horsemen may have fished it out. Ginnette is said to be 25 ft deep, although Rex says it is shallow (which is it?). Hell is listed as 50 ft deep, so why virtually no show for fish? Last plants were by Eric Anderson (State Biologist for the area then). I suppose it is possible that even Eric was not aware of the need for acclimation from High Oxygen, or are those Lakes subject to ARSENIC, OR SOME OTHER TOXIN? I believe the red rock near nearby Coyote lake contains Arsenic, as I got violently sick one year after drinking a small amount of water that came from under that Red rock when I hiked out of Beaver lake and over to Coyote lake one year on a very hot day.
      \Will the use of Kings lake Cutthroat result in a better outcome? I definitely hope so. And it is true that the lakes are relatively small, and could be fished out – but that seems unlikely, especially for Hell lake.

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      Brian Curtis

      Hell Lake has no trouble holding fish. They can be hard to catch at times, but they do fine there. Ginnette is trickier. The first time I stocked it with MWRB they never showed. We tried TLCT and started to get returns. The lake is small and seems shallow, even if it is 25′ deep. I suspect that it winter or summer kills on occasion.

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