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      Sandy McKean

      “I’m impressed…..the Walt Curtis techno-nerd”” gene is alive and well!!! :cool:”””

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      Jeffrey Early

      “Indeed. Brian and I hammered away at getting some of this up the other day. Check out the HL Survey entry form — we don’t have it complete yet, but perhaps you can see where we’re going with it…”

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      Dave Weyrick

      “Nice job with the site Brian and Jeffrey. I especially enjoy the bios and will use the survey option as soon as I get back from a trip so I don’t forget anything. When all the bugs are out, would you be willing to set up a site for the Hi-Lakers? :-)”

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      Brian Curtis

      “The first Hi-Laker has invaded our forum! ;)^^^^Welcome Dave. I will pointedly ignore your question about setting up a HL site 🙂 (though, I do think it is a good idea)”

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      Dave Weyrick

      “I feel right at home in this forum, since all but KM are HL members also. And who knows, since Mike Swain attended the last HL meeting, maybe Ken will show up someday! Brian, I guess I’ll just have to get you to give me a tutorial on running a website like this and start one for the HL’ers: if we decide to.”

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      Ken McLeod

      “Dave, I have been to a few Hi-Laker meetings…usually only when Brian The Man”” and Walt “”The Grand Man”” gives one of their slide shows, but it’s been a few years. I did attend one where Glen Lee gave a slide show, but I was accused of being there only to make sure Glen didn’t give away the fishing hot spots…grin. ‘Tis too far for me to drive though I live in Bothell, I am closer to Snohomish, besides, I don’t like leaving Snoh. Co., is too far from Pilchuck…another grin.”””

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