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      I am getting rid of my bin of fly tying materials and equipment, I haven’t used any of it for ~20 years so I figured I would see if anyone else can get any use out of it. Stored in Utah the last 10 years so very little exposure to humidity, I didn’t pull everything out but what I looked through all seemed to be in good shape.

      There are a couple vises and lamps, various books, thread, hooks, wire, beads, dubbing, foam and the photo of all the hackle/hair/feathers etc is 24x18x7 so there is quite a bit there. I can send more pics if interested or if you are in the Seattle area you can come and check it out.

      Make me an offer, hoping to get rid of everything together but possibly willing to piece it out. Might be open to trades for 3wt, stiff 4wt, soft 5wt or 6wt setups, small or med short waders and dry flies. Contact me at or 530.356.9361

      I will be in Seattle until Apr 27th 2021, whatever is left by then I may just donate to the club to put in the raffle for winter social.


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      Sold 4-12

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