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    Hans Helm

      Thank You Cliff. You are right. Here is my Indian philosophy on the natural world:

      The Circle

      Touch the Earth,

      for here is the source of all living things,

      and Wankan Tanka created a spirit to move within them.

      As we begin to recognize the spirit within us,

      we begin to be one with the earth and Wankan Tanka.

      Only this will complete the circle.


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      Hans Helm

        Yes, Sandy, I did have someone in the club take some scat to biologist at the
        University of Washington. Well, he said it was too old. I have since found out
        that in order to get a good DNA sample, you almost have to have a collection
        bag ready and gather the turds up while they are still steaming.

        People are always saying why don’t we see droppings, why don’t we see bones.
        Tell the truth Sandy, would you know what bones you were looking at without
        the skull or weather the turds came from a bear or bigfoot unless you saw one

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        Hans Helm

          Hey Sandy, you forgot about me, didn’t you? 🙂

          Say Larry, I’m the only one in the trail Blazers that has an ongoing interest in
          the subject and I sure get kidded a lot.

          I talked quite extensively to Ken McLeod about his and his son’s experience.
          I actually talked to John Andrews once on the phone also. And he seemed
          pleasant enough. Your right though, some people are pretty crazy when it
          comes to the subject of Bigfoot. I have been interested in the subject
          since I was 8 and have tried to educate myself in the ways that seem to make sense.
          I would be interested in sharing information with you further if your interested.
          My E-Mail address is hans.u.helm@boeing.com

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          Hans Helm

            Thanks for all your efforts Brian, on the updates. I will educate myself on the enhancements. Hans

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            Hans Helm

              Wow, great pictures, Dave. Wish I could of been there with you.

              How were the kings. I got some chantrells. 8)

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              Hans Helm

                Hi Dave, I just posted this note on the FFA also
                My response to your note above is that I feel with all the internet traffic and fishing guide books nowadays, the result has been a saturation of sportsmen sharing pictures of high lakes, and fish.
                With so much of it going on, I feel the market has been bombarded to a point where fishermen have a confusing high amount of choices of lakes to drop a line in. With that in mind, I hope this would ultimately lessen the impact of a bunch of people all hitting the same lake.
                And I might add, I feel we need to remain cognizant in revealing very sensitive areas that for instance need to recover or lakes so small and have so few fish that it may not be in the best interest of the enviornment
                to make these public. Hans

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                Hans Helm

                  Dave and Sandy, What a great looking trip. You know your a Trail Blazer
                  when you can still smile in the rain.

                  Dave, congratulations! you finally got your King Bolete!
                  Must of tasted great with the fish.
                  I think that beautiful big white fungus is one my Mom found a while back. It looks like a califlower type. Nevertheless, I would say it’s edible.
                  But anyone interested should of course use a very good mushroom book!

                  Great pictures. Nice fish too, Thanks for sharing. Hans

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                  Hans Helm

                    Thanks for the great inputs, Minda.

                    I never understood why people don’t get a lightweight misquito net
                    jacket. They cost about $30.00
                    You can actually drink through the netting.

                    Maybe it’s a claustrophobic thing?
                    not sure.

                    Have a pain free hike or nearly so. 😀 Hans

                    in reply to: Seattle PI article #85787
                    Hans Helm

                      Hey Brian, did you post in this forum any info pertaining to the PI article
                      before you guys went on your trip?

                      Thanks, Hans

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                      Hans Helm

                        😀 Hey Sandy, I will try and navigate to the posts of Minda and Brian on the PCT

                        Maybe we should post on the FFA Loop and tell people to regester in here.
                        Let me know if you get this, Thanks, Hans

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